Family sessions

Relaxed, natural photographs

Family beach photography, Melbourne Beach Photoshoot.

My family photography sessions are all about capturing the love you and your children have for each other in a natural non-posey way is what I do. I try to make my sessions a lot of fun for your kids. I encourage them to explore their environment, interact with their family and be themselves! All you need to do is be there with them, you don't need to look at the camera and pose, just be yourself, have fun with your kids and I'll do the rest.

Outdoor Shoots

The best time of day for an outdoor family photoshoot is during golden hour. Golden hour is the hour after the sun rises, or the hour before sunset and it is the most beautiful and flattering time of day in terms of light. 

I hear you say, but my kids are tucked up in bed by sunset! I hear you, especially during summer! Many parents are worried their children will be miserable throughout the shoot because they are being kept up later than usual.  I have not yet encountered one child that hasn't had a great time during the shoot, and hasn't co-operated. Because they are outside doing something different they are too busy having fun to be tired and grumpy! 

I do recommend that you feed your kids dinner before the shoot, and pack their pyjamas to change in to for the drive home. That way, if they fall asleep in the car you might be able to do the sneaky transfer to bed!


In Home

My in home shoots are all about capturing your family doing what they do! I love to take shots of you playing with your kids around the house. I'll often take photos of you doing things like getting your child a drink, reading them a story or jumping on the bed. These shots are so special, particularly as your children grow up, they can see what their childhood home looked like when they were kids! 

There is a bit more flexibility for in home shoots with regards to timing. I am happy to work with you in what fits in with your routine. 

In Home family lifestyle photography


Sessions start at $300 and include

  • A 1 hour on location or in home photoshoot
  • 10 web size and high resolution digital image files available to download from an online gallery
  • Option to upgrade

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