About Me

Hi! I'm Kristen

This is me. I'm a busy mum of two little ones who are only 16 months apart! I love chocolate, coffee, a nice walk somewhere in nature, sunny days and a full night's sleep. None of which I get enough of - apart from the coffee and chocolate.. I probably have too much of that.

Like a lot of mums I fell in love with photography after having my kids, I wanted to be able to capture more than just a picture of my babies I wanted to be able to capture the feelings in that moment. My aim in my photoshoots is to capture the genuine feelings and love you have for your family. I won't get you to sit still and pose, in fact all you need to is have fun with your family and I will do the rest! 

If you are looking for relaxed family photography in Melbourne, please get in touch! I'd love to hear from you.